Can you cheat on your stylist?

Hell yes! Is your stylist on vacation? Ask for a recommendation from your stylist. Do you just want to see whomever is available when your schedule is free? Awesome, we totally agree. That is why we are an employee-based salon that works for our clients. Is isn’t us, it is definitely you.

How can you feel confident to move around stylists?

Well, we specialize in all men’s hair and every stylist is strictly trained (very strictly trained) in curly, mid-length, longer men’s hair, fades, clipper work, all over scissor cuts, texture, classic, modern, and retro.

We can do mullets, bald fades, flattops, pompadors, Elvis pompador, James Dean Pompador, and additionally the styles of Braveheart Mel Gibson, Lethal Weapon Mel Gibson, and even
MadMax Mel Gibson.

Our mission is to make you happy with your hair on your time. Schedule now!