How to grow out your buzz cut

By March 10, 2016 General No Comments

The process of growing out a buzz cut takes a little but of time and maintenance.  For the guy who was used to ZERO maintenance this can be a challenge!

1.  Start growing out your hair for about 2 weeks.  Resist the temptation to buzz.

2.  Start looking for images of haircuts that you want in the future to resist the temptation.

3.  Schedule a neck trim at your local men’s hair salon.

4.  Two weeks later schedule a full haircut.

5.  Its all about getting the proportion in the first full haircut.  Cut the sides and back shorter and do not cut the top, but add TEXTURE.  Clippers bluntly cut the hair evenly on the ends giving it that signature “buzzed” look even as it grows out.  Ask for point cutting to soften the look on the ends.

6.  Now you can grow to desired lengths with haircuts every 4-6 weeks!