Going Grey?

By December 17, 2015 General No Comments

Should men color their hair when they turn grey ?

We say, MAYBE.

The Benefits of Coloring

  • It really does make you look younger and feel refreshed in 5 minutes.
  • Feeling younger makes you feel ammmmazing
  • Feeling amazing makes you more confident
  • Feeling more confident gets you the job, the girl, the raise, etc.

So there you have you it, if you color your hair and you get more money, a better job, and the ladies love you! We don’t think that was too far of a leap, do you?


The Benefits of Not Coloring

  • You embrace your natural hair color and rock it like you should.
  • Since you have decided to embrace your natural salt and pepper, you could either be the most interesting man in the world or George Clooney.

┬áIf you don’t color your hair you are George Clooney

So there you have it, if you keep your natural color you are George Clooney.